Central Park Conservancy
Central Park Conservancy
Northern Central Park
Northern Central Park
Northern Central Park

over the past two months we've had one weekend of pure fun and it started by spending friday the 13th with jen on her birthday. it was a lucky day filled with beautiful sunny skies as we took a photo crawl through northern central park and the conservancy followed by a nice lunch. i'm looking forward to doing more fun things again as we finish packing up charlie's apartment and get ready to turn over the keys this week, which is bittersweet for sure.

xo, cindy

ps i've always thought twitter + instagram = blog killer and now that i've experienced both it kind of seems to be true. it's so easy to take a photo with a camera phone and then upload/tweet about it, but using my 'real' camera is still the best and finding a way to use both without being repetitive is the goal.


painted fish studio said...

it really was a beautiful day! i'm so glad you were able to spend the day with me. where are the turtle shots?! :)

Jamie said...

Oh, the blue of the sky - absolutely perfect.

Bella Sinclair said...

The colors in Central Park were spectacular! And the last photo -- looks like the clouds lined up perfectly just for their photo shoot.

Happy birthday to Jen!

blue moss said...

I'm so glad you had a fun deserve it! I love those tulps
And about the daisy field.....There were so many...they just went on and on....I totally thought of you when we were there....I knew you would love it...and that you would take the most amazing pics of the pretty daisies!

Elizabeth said...

You always make me want to take a trip to New York! Beautiful photos as always :) I have lost at least two blogger friends to twitter :( For some reason, I still haven't grasped twitter enough to completely abandon my blog.

Joyce said...

Looked like a beautiful day, especially sharing it with a friend. Bittersweet indeed my friend. Hugs to you and Scott. xo

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Such gorgeous photos, perfect for cheering up this day here in Los Angeles that is quite rainy and gloomy!

I greatly appreciate your "real" photos taken with a dSLR :)

fifth floor apartment said...

i totally know what you mean. i've not been uploading my real "photos" recently. convenience is definitely winning out. hmm.

also, that sky = perfect.

xo alison

meg said...

Those Central Park pics are almost too gorgeous for words Cindy! Just the colors and the crispness... love them! And I think Instagram is amazing but I agree that nothing replaces a "real" camera :)

Sending hugs and love as you step out of Sweet Charlie's apt. for the last time... xoxoxoxo