free coldplay!

She: "Hey, Coldplay is giving away Violet Hill, the first single from their upcoming album Viva la Vida!"
He: "Who's Coldplay?"
She: "Excuse me?"
He: "Just kidding. Legal, free music is a good thing."
She: "There's also going to be a free concert in Madison Square Garden in June. The name of the album was inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo and means "Long Live Life" in English."
He: "Interesting, she definitely had a hard time, but never quit."
She: "Just like you with that shower head! Sorry, I couldn't resist."
He: "Try harder next time."
Photo Credit : Coldplay, of course


/// said...

ha. You two are made for each other!!!

Cindy said...

it was fate as we met on a blind date! hey, that rhymes!

Cindy said...

Thanks for stopping by Stacy! Your dog looks so cute.