life : one holiday down

the mustaches are fake. the trees in central park are not.

when charlie said he wanted to go out for thanksgiving he meant it. so did scott. we did. i brought these fake mustaches to play with. i'm terrible about taking photos of people, including (especially) my family. this little project made us laugh and they kept the mustaches on until my brother arrived to surprise him. i think charlie should grow one, he looks so cute. scott is a different story. i think i have more hair on my upper lip than he does ;).

i think when you've lost someone dear, it's best to create distractions during the holidays. no looking at an empty seat. go out and have a lovely meal, take a walk, be around other people. that's what helen would have wanted to do.

hope you enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps i didn't get any good pics of my brother and scott's aunt, but there's always christmas!

why so serious? who's that knocking? better move it.
it might be strange, but when scott came out of the restroom he said i had to check it out with my camera. it was huge. there are studio apartments in this town smaller than this bathroom. nice flowers, too.

traditional thanksgiving lunch was delicious and just enough.

but, the steak looked better and what's not to love about pecan pie.


blue moss said...

it looks so fun and i love the mustaches!!!
all the food looks amazing!!!
hope the rest of your weekend is great

Unknown said...

oh WOW - the food looks delicious and i love the 'staches. and i couldn't agree more about switching up the tradition a little bit to create a distraction.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Couldn't agree more on mixing it up by going out.

It looks like a fantastic time, I love the 'stashes!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Drooling here Cindy!
Adore your floral wall paper...I always want it in my dressing room with leopard spots carpet...a bit too much huh?! Lovely weekend~

Bella Sinclair said...

Those moustaches! Ahh, you are all so fun! What, didn't you get one for yourself, too?

Looks like a delicious meal, made even better by the fact that you neither had to cook or clean. We did that once, and I enjoyed it immensely. The only downer was not having leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes in the fridge the next day.

I completely agree about keeping busy and distracted during the holidays. We had lots of people over, so the day flew by.


Havilah Savage said...

what a great idea- moustache photos! hee hee.

Elizabeth said...

After cooling up a storm, only for all the food to disappear in seconds, your Thanksgiving out, sounds heavenly :)

Elizabeth said...

oops I meant "Cooking" up a storm!!!

Megan Coyle said...

Your food pictures are excellent and making me mysteriously hungry :)

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!!

Pascale said...

Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend and meal! And you're right, Charlie does look great with a moustache!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Bravo for mustache distractions! You did Helen proud!

My distraction for the 4 day weekend was watching the first two SEASONS of Dexter (a Showtime show about a serial killer who kills bad guys) back to back to back. I wasn't feeling very festive, but this helped.

aimee said...

you have such a gift for sandwiching wry commentary in between the beautiful pictures of your posts. "life: one holiday down" just made me spit out my coffee laughing. the holiday season is indeed a checklist for many people. with thanksgiving behind us we can now say, "whew, we survived that one. deep breath and on to the next!"

Cindy said...

it's really true, aimee. we're trying to see what we can come up with for christmas, but new year's eve is going to be the hardest. sigh.

meg said...

Boy are Charlie and Scott good sports for wearing those mustaches! :) And your dinner out looked lovely! But my fave pic is of you in that restroom! AWESOME! LOL!