pics : take a stroll

cooper hewitt museum & central park reservoir.

we saw new moon this weekend, and although it seems hopeless, we're rooting for jacob. it was good (liked the first one more for its simplicity) and the dialogue reminds us of the tv show felicity it ... is ... so ... labored ... and ... drawn ... out ... such teenage angst & staring. but, bella really needs to stop being so clumsy and getting paper cuts, while announcing them to a room full of vampires, which leads to family feuds & fighting. i did like her black keds, though. i love the songs meet me on the equinox by death cab for cutie and roslyn by bon iver & st. vincent. you can listen to these two and others from the soundtrack here.

this year is flying and i can't believe tomorrow is already december 1st! the weather here continues to be unseasonably warm and i have 200+ photos from our visit to the train show this weekend. i can't wait to show them ALL to you - kidding! editing will take me a while, so for now, let's take a short stroll through nyc.

hope you had a nice holiday and/or weekend. have a good week!

xo, cindy

Light & Porch
big lamp's shadow & sweet water dishes at street level.

Tulips & Cat
kitty goes to flower market.

Porch & Light
country in the city.

City View
charlie's terrace view.


Dallas Shaw said...

been loving the pics lately. the little pops of pinks and reds are my favorites...

Julia said...

God bless your talent with the camera :) I've yet to go see New Moon--I'm waiting to finish my Micro Homework and AP questions. Then I'm heading over to Sundance, buying a large popcorn and watching to my hearts content.

Pascale said...

The last movie I saw, was Up - looks like I need to catch up quite a bit... I didn't even make it to Julie and Julia.
Tulips are my favorite flowers ever and that kitty is too darn cute - so that's my favorite diptych for today! Great, great shots, Cindy! All of them!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

glad you saw it :) the acting is a bit terrible though...

Line said...

love these diptychs, all the details are lovely, glad to see you had a great w-e,

x x x

Shari Lidji said...

Hi Cindy, I've been a bit out of pocket. Just had the chance to catch up on your last few posts. The fellas look super in their staches!! Your photos are really really lovely. Haven't seen New Moon yet, but we all loved Fantastic Mr. Fox over here.....especially the clever handling of cuss words. A riot. Hope Monday was good.


meg said...

Kitty was so smart to go to the flower market! Now if friends drop in everything will already look nice and she won't have to fuss :)


blue moss said...

laughing at the papercuts.....
and loving the view from charlie's terrace