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Blue Moss
Blue Moss

hello, hello! living in nyc is great because when people we've met through blogging visit we can sometimes connect in person. michelle of blue moss and her husband, scott, visited over the summer and it was terrific to meet them. if you can judge people by the company they keep, then we'll take it because scott and michelle are really nice and she is so talented.

my love of vintage is no secret and michelle makes the most wonderful jewelry using unusual vintage elements from keys to watch straps. when my scott saw the bracelet michelle sent for my birthday, he said it was perfect because i love bracelets and it was so delicate. her handmade journal using vintage papers is also perfect because i'm often reluctant to actually write in a journal for fear of messing it up, which i usually do, and this one contains removable pages so write away i shall. happy tuesday!

xo, cindy


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Okay....I have been away FAR too long! I adore the new layout and banner Cindy! So lovely...and I love Michelle. Her work is so pretty & unique and so glad to hear she is lovely in person too. Off to catch up on all that I have missed over here....

painted fish studio said...

everything is so pretty! :)

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Happy Tuesday! I love old stuff and I love it when it's re-purposed... its like making something new out of something old.

meg said...

Hi Cindy :) I love how her bracelet looks on your hand, along with your ring. You should be a hand model! :)


P.S. my word verification is "waggical" - how cute is that! my dogs are having a very "waggical" day :)

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Such eye candy!
Love the combinations Cindy!!


blue moss said...

ohhhh...thanks so much for the kind words :) everything looks so good on you
and your photos make it all look so pretty

you are the best

Bella Sinclair said...

Oooh! That IS a beautiful bracelet! And what a wonderfully whimsical necklace. They look like gorgeous vintage candy! Sweet!

and flowers pick themselves said...

oooh, how lovely!

xo Alison

Line said...

so sweet !

Joyce said...

I love the beautiful 2! xo