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Wreck This Journal

hello, hello! i'm more likely to do what i'm told than rebel, so if keri smith wants me to wreck this journal in the most destructive ways, should i do it? or, should i treat it like a precious object as an act of rebellion? i hope you say destroy it because i'd love to:
  • crack the spine,
  • take it out in the rain,
  • drive over it with our car,
  • shred that red ribbon. oh, already did that :),
and most importantly, for the little kid who not only colored in the lines, but outlined them in black in order to achieve 'perfection':
  • color outside the lines.
enjoy your weekend and check out how aimee destroyed a moleskine journal. i'd say she's a rebel with a cause!

xo, cindy

ps something about surfing seems rebellious, so the band surfer blood sounds perfect for this project, no pun intended.


blue moss said...

do it! i just got a mini moleskin journal and it almost caused me pain to write the first word in it....
i think it would be good to go that you shredded the ribbon!
good, good weekend to you too

Unknown said...

cool and that surfer bloof is just what I need, Cheers!!

Michelle Brunner said...

Hi Cindy! I have the Wreck It journal also! So fun and liberating! Enjoy it! Make sure to post some of your "wrecked" pages!

Bella Sinclair said...

Yahooo! We have one of these here, too. Isn't it a blast? Hahahahaha! And I agree with you 100%, Aimee is not only a rebel, she's a leader and inspiration.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I just got one of those literally a few days ago. Are you my twin over there in NYC? :)

Cindy said...

i'm excited so many of us have it! so far, i've enjoyed spitting out my coffee and embellishing it with some watercolors! let the wrecking games begin!

Havilah Savage said...

haha, that's great!