edith wharton's estate & gardens in lenox, massachusetts.

view from the terrace.

Grass Stairs
lush & cushiony grass stairs take you from the garden to the terrace.

Shade Garden
beautiful outdoor rooms.

Shade Garden
pretty shady spots.

Monarch Butterfly
butterfly bushes swarming with monarch butterflies. i've never seen so many and if you just stood still they would come to you.

Dining Room
pretty dining room featuring wonderful art.

Place Setting
place setting with a penchant for purple.

Drawing Room
inviting drawing room.

Edith's Bedroom
edith's bedroom and my favorite room in the house. so light and airy.

Window View
my wedding dress was made with dotted swiss voile just like these curtains and i think i would love a pair for our guest room.

library featuring edith's pride & joy book collection.

stable currently being restored.

lovely ferns with a wonderful ground cover.

last weekend we traveled 100 miles north to deliver 100 pieces from our china collection to an auction house. although it seems to be taking forever & takes a lot of work, downsizing our things feels good, but this step also feels like going to las vegas as you really don't know what will happen in an auction. while we were there we visited the pretty berkshire area of massachusetts, which was highlighted by a visit to edith wharton's estate, the mount. it is so beautiful and i'm just glad i don't have to downsize a place that size.

it's hard to believe summer is just about over and notice the days getting a little bit shorter day by day. not really up for travel this year, we've spent most of the summer working around our place and hope we will have an indian summer this year so we can get outdoors a bit more in the coming days. hope you enjoyed your summer and have a wonderful weekend!

xo, cindy


Joyce said...

Looks like a beautiful place with the pop of colors here and there. Wishing you and Scott a golden weekend!! xo

chelsea said...

Thanks so much for sharing pics!! I love the bedroom!!!

painted fish studio said...

i would love an indian summer, too! and a house like edith's, please!

Unknown said...

gorgeous Cindy!

Elizabeth said...

Oh wow! I must make a point to see that some day!! What an amazing house.

I don't think i would want to downsize that house either. I really need to get rid of stuff too, but find I just can't get enough done in a day, and If I start pulling stuff out to get rid of, I may never come out of my house!!

Anonymous said...

I love the grassy stairway! Beautiful property!

Omaha Public Library said...

Love the photos! What a magical place...

September is Omaha Reads, and our feature book is "The Age of Innocence." So this was a special treat!

aimee said...

holy cow, did she live like a queen! go edith! (and great pics!)

Megan Coyle said...

what GLORIOUS photos :) and what a fantastic looking place.

k said...

wow i can't believe how beautiful that estate is. totally almost like my house? you have a great blog!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! The first is my favorite... America's version of Downton Abbey-esque manor houses.

Wishing for an indian summer too... Hope you enjoyed a nice weekend!