Pretty Girls, Three
Water Lily
new york botanical garden

so far, this year has not been ours. in fact, to be frank, it's kicking our asses. first with charlie's passing, then a few months later i was in the emergency room with eye problems that are lingering, and in september scott was there followed by a three day, 14 hour, 10 minute stay in the hospital. he's better now, but it was really scary and coming home alone on those days, pure misery.

but, today's horoscope might be words to live by from here on out -

'you have a great future but for some reason you seem more concerned with your past at the moment. put yesterday and last year out of your mind completely. what's done is done and cannot be undone.'

ok, i'll try.

xo, cindy

ps most of my photos from the past month are on instagram and i'm not sure about posting some here, too. duplicative? mobile photography is definitely fun with its instantaneous results, but it is killing my blog, and i don't think i'm the only one.


Jamie said...

You have had a rough year - it is bound to get better!

I agree, instagram and pinterest are killing a bit of my blogging mojo - and I wonder what that means for the future of blogging. Still I'm sticking to it at least until something better comes along.

Cindy said...

even though i haven't been posting as much, i do try to keep up with reading & commenting on other people's blogs. it's not all or nothing and i read blogs long before i ever had one.

chelsea said...

Sorry you've been going through all this, Cindy! Onward and upward!!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I dont know what it is but these two photos seem so magical :)

I'm sorry this year has been a rough one. I wish I could say something to make it all better because people tell me constantly about having a newborn that things will get better.. and I just want to tell them to shut up.. lol because reality is things will get better, but in it is really hard. If I was in NYC we would go on a lady date filled with taking photos, have some ice cream and maybe even looking at paper products!... ok fine and maybe a cheese burger with french fries!. Warm thoughts from Oregon :)

Cindy said...

the little girl with the bloomers was so adorable and who can resist bloomers & those pretty dresses?

thank you chelsea & erika. i know we aren't immune from experiencing additional troubles after one happens, but we definitely hope they're limited. i guess life really isn't about getting things all buttoned up neat & tidy as hard as we try to do so.

that junk food laden lady date sounds great to me. don't forget to bring your bloomers, erika :)!

painted fish studio said...

it's been a little rough on this end, too. i'm really hoping 2013 is going to be my best year ever. wait, wasn't i saying that around this time last year?

i agree social media is killing blogs. you're one of the only people that comments on mine any more (thank you!) but i'm not quite ready to let it go. if i do, i worry i'll wind up a boring couch potato.

Unknown said...

Well Cindy keep the faith I hope you and Scott feel much better now...take care !!!!

Megan Coyle said...

Oh, no :( I hope things get much better. You are definitely due for quite a bit of good karma.

Cindy said...

thank you line and megan.

i'm sorry it's been a tough year for you too jen, but i enjoy your blog and comments don't mean people aren't reading and looking forward to your posts, although they are nice.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Sorry to hear the news Cindy, but glad you guys are okay. Hope things turn for the better for the end of the year!

I agree with you on the social media front. I hardly post anymore and think it's because I try to stay away from the computer on my time away from work. I do wish I spent more time reading blogs. Thank goodness for your instagram and twitter though :)

aimee said...

Cindy, I didn't know Scott was in the hospital -- I am so sorry! I don't know how I missed that, but I hope everything is back to normal. Yes, I think you're right -- there are so many places to be now online that it's hard to figure out where to go without scattering to the wind!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry to hear about your year so far. This post slipped by me so I'm commenting late. Ours was last year, and everyday was just a challenge to put a smile on your face! My husband was laid off In March of 2011, and didn't get a new job until a year later!!! We survived, just barely. I sure hope things get better for you guys.

These pictures are sunning btw! The water is gorgeous. I miss all your beautiful photos on here. I love Instagram too, but I love the blog format better, so I'll keep going over there.

Glad you did these two posts!!

Cindy said...

thanks krissy, aimee and elizabeth - it's hard sometimes, but we just have to keep going with life's challenges and to stay connected!

Victoria Strauser said...

It will get better! I had a couple of those years recently... it definitely got better.