North Meadow
Gothic Bridge
Harlem Meer
Conservatory Garden
Public Pool
photos taken with iphone

this space has been quiet not because i was watching the olympics almost non-stop, or because we've been sprucing up our place a bit, or because of the heat, but rather because i didn't have any photos that weren't previously posted on instagram. no new photos = no blog post.

these pictures were taken in central park this weekend and that public pool looks so inviting, especially after a canoe ride. can't believe it's already mid-august. where did the summer go?

xo, cindy

ps the song home by phillip phillips was played a lot during the olympics and i love it. home is definitely where we've been a lot, lately.


painted fish studio said...

summer in my favorite city... if i can't be there, i can live vicariously through your photos. thank you! xo

Jamie said...

Oh, I've always wanted to spend a summer day in Central Park - now I really do. How beautiful.

Joyce said...

The photos are worth the wait my friend!! I find myself using more and more my phone camera. I need to take out my camera for a day. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hey girl, your iphotos look pretty amazing :) Don't know if I mentioned, that my dad is moving back to Princeton NJ very soon, and I will now have an excuse to visit NYC again. Not that I really need one, but it makes it more fun when you are visiting family :)

Remember that band I mentioned a while back, that was local and my daughter went to high school with some of the members? Well, they are coming out with their first album in September, and they have a new cool video!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

boy oh boy are these photos great. I neeeeeeed to get there.

jane said...

love your summer shots! and love that song (and video!) thanks for that. :)
x jane

Michelle Brunner said...

Hi Cindy! Love your photos as usual! You make NY look so inviting! I have family in Brooklyn so maybe I will have to invite myself over to visit soon! Hope your August is going well!

aimee said...

i think we need to meet there again soon! i haven't seen the pool yet -- come to think of it, I think I've only covered about 5% in total of central park. namely belvedere castle and the waffle stand! ;)