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Thought + Luck = Success

Hi Everyone -

When I saw the IBM THINK sign in Portmanteau several weeks ago, I couldn't resist. It's signed Frank Chu and dated 1961 on the back. A little research reveals that THINK was a slogan developed by IBM founder, Thomas J. Watson, Sr. It appeared in offices, plants and company publications beginning in the 1920s and is still used today - Thinkpad computer for instance. Here is an interesting quote from Mr. Watson, which is still relevant today -

"Thought has been the father of every advance since time began. 'I didn't think' has cost the world millions of dollars."

Interesting ... some things never change. Although today's favorites are all from some very smart folks, don't think too much this weekend. Have fun!

xo, Cindy

PS If you haven't already done so, please leave a comment here by March 15th for the Fifi Flowers + Quaint giveaway.

Blog : Maira Kalman is blogging again for the New York Times and it is simply fantastic. I still regret not getting the raincoat she designed for kate spade. Drat!

: Jonathan Wright and Company Good Fortune Medallions are great for every good boy and girl. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day, too!

Fabric : Michelle of Cicada Studio is such a prolific textile designer and a wonderful e-friend. The pattern above is Lily of the Valley and I just can't bring myself to cut it up.

Marketing : I'm not tweeting on Twitter, but I don't think it's going away anytime soon. Here's a useful article about proper etiquette.

Music : Andrew Bird is an interesting musician. He reminds me of a whistling, glockenspiel-playing anthropologist who happens to be very creative musically. A little bit like M. Ward.

Read : It's Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be: The World's Best Selling Book by Paul Arden is simply brilliant and timeless.


Vana said...

lovely favorites Cindy! Love the article about Twitter! Very useful!

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Aw! Thanks for *thinking* of me! I'm captivated by that book cover- I may have to pick it up.

Cindy said...

the book makes some really good points and is a quick read for those of us with short attention spans ;).

Unknown said...

SUPER article on twitter. i read it and couldn't agree more - i'm working at getting myself more into twitter and my NUMBA ONE pet peeve is spammers. guh.

i've never seen that book before, but i'm being a horrible bookworm and judging it by it's cover.

... it looks fantastic. i'm going to have to check it out! thanks for the recommendation. have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the Paul Arden book. It's not one I've heard of but will look it up now.

Cherry x

hmstrjam said...

happy friday cindy! will be thinking this weekend

Unknown said...

i always LOVE your lists of faves, and this one is no exception! i'll have to check out the blog, the craft, the fabric... oh all of it! and i'm a huge fan of andrew bird--- great description of his music!
happy friday, lovely!

Clementine said...

I'm also really enjoying both the new Andrew Bird and M. Ward albums. I also just went back and got the Fleet Foxes first EP--the song Mykonos is great, check it out if you don't have it.

seesaw designs said...

That book is really really great. Love this list.

Julia said...

I think they should reinstate THINK :) Great new favorites, deary!

Pascale said...

I *THINK* I need to read that book...
Have a wonderful weekend!

kari and kijsa said...

What a great book- love the THINK sign!
kari & kijsa

aimee said...

your favorites are my FAVORITE of all favorites posts! (did that make sense?) i love how you round up art, design, music, books, and trends - and deliver them with such intelligence. keep them coming!

julie king said...

i love the fresh look of the lily of the valley fabric!