life : thanks!

Hi Everyone -

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous words of encouragement and personal stories in response to the times are a changing post. Your support is really priceless and so helpful.

For those of you with clean window envy, and it is just one window, I've included a diptych of what I affectionately refer to as 'Clean Bathroom, Ugly Tub.' No amount of cleaning is going to fix that tub. More like a sledge hammer! Cross my heart, giving up our membership card in 'The Ugly Club' is one thing that won't be changing anytime soon. ;).

[Note: The window was cleaned on the inside only. We live on an upper floor and cleaning the outside is a challenge, plus a total waste of time. Whenever we've tried, it rains within hours. Really!]

Photo credit : L'Atelier

And, please visit us over on L'Atelier for a very nice interview about Quaint. Thanks Asiye!

xo, Cindy


pve design said...

my first visit here.
leaves me feeling quaint and light hearted.

Joyce said...

I think the tub has character with it's beauty marks. I wouldn't even think of changing it.
Oh speaking of windows our need them so bad, but will have to bring in the reinforcement, we are on a hill making it hard to reach the windows. Enjoy your day! xoxo

Pascale said...

Still haven't done my windows, here... Too many interesting things going on in blogland...

Have you tried the vinegar trick yet, on the bathtub? Works for about everything... (

please sir said...

Oh I hate when you clean and clean - and said ugly thing will just not look pretty! Best of it hammer time?

SimplyGrove said...

Good luck on the cleaning!!! Your blog looks delightful!