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Rose Reading Room
hello, hello! my weekend started on thursday by spending a wonderful afternoon exploring town with fabulous jen of painted fish studio. a trip to the new york public library was symbolic since her first book of polaroid beauty, word, is due to be released very soon. hoo-yah!

to be filed under the 'it's the thought that counts' category. when we left charlie's on saturday we found a broken side view mirror and an envelope with $50 by our car. it's a nice gesture, but the repair is going to cost close to $400! on the charlie front, he was more obsessed with his sinus congestion than his early stage lung cancer. by now, he should be much better as we gave him some decongestant and are considered miracle workers. hoo-yah, again :)!

i won a copy of expressive photography over on shutter sisters, but since i already had a copy tracey gave me a complimentary enrollment in her picture fall workshop. there's still time to sign up and don't worry about being behind on the assignments. i am. this one is from the 'get comfy' prompt and i'm determined to push myself to photograph new things, including artificial light - eek! hope you had a nice weekend! do anything special?

xo, cindy


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

geez, did the person leave a name/number? that would have been more helpful :)

is jen as nice as she seems?! i just love her!

Line said...

that library shot is so gorgeous, I would love to go there next time I'm in N-Y!!!

Cindy said...

jen is the BEST! she is smart, talented & super-nice!

no number, but it was interesting that the person had an envelope, full piece of paper and a $50 bill. everyone i know carries $20s.

Cindy said...

you must go line ... i need to go back and get some more shots, too!

We Blog Artists said...

Sorry about the mirror!!! WOW $400!!!...
Sounds like a great's always lovely when you win stuff!
I met up with a text editor who gave her opinion about our books I am illustrating :-)
Went to see The Town...and relaxed and painted PINS yesterday...
Have a great week.

painted fish studio said...

i had such a great day with my friend cindy, whispering in the reading room our fears and hopes and inspirations, and i can't wait for our next outing! (maybe december!)

ugh. stupid mirror. at least they left a note? a lame one, but it might be better than nothing.

aimee said...

oh, jealous me!! i would have loved to ravage the streets of new york with you two. looks like someone else was busy ravaging the streets, judging from the look of that mirror. I can't believe it costs $400 to repair - that is price gouging!

Joyce said...

oh no $400- I could see spending this amount on something fun. xo

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Car Repairs are so expensive :( From the picture they didn't spell Damage correctly.

At least there is no body damage and your not with out a car. :)

blue moss said...

sounds like such fun....except for the sad mirror thing.
and that's so exciting about the are going to do great!!

Miles Of Style said...

that library shot is amazing! v. sorry to hear about ur mirror though!

hope you have a lovely week ahead!


People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Sorry about your mirror. At least someone tried to do the right thing. Oy.

I hope Charlie feels better. A sinus infection is the pits.

That lamp shade is LOVELY!!

Elizabeth said...

I really want to go to that library next time I go to New York! Last time I was in NY it was such a quick trip, and I didn't see a whole lot.

I laughed when I saw that 50 dollar bill and the broken mirror! I remember yanking off one of those in a rental car, on a mail box, and it was over $150.00, and that was some time ago. Even a broken tail light is expensive.
Hope Charlie is at least comfortable. That must be tough, what he is going through :(

julie king said...

oh to spend a few hours rambling in the library there in nyc!! i've been absent but it is so reassuring to see that all your loveliness and cheery spirits have been carrying on here. ((hugs))

meg said...

Wow, what a *gorgeous* library! You always find such exquisite old buildings to photograph! So sorry about poor sweet Charlie - I hope he feels better soon :) And the mirror incident, gosh - I'm thinking at least they showed signs of having a conscience which is all too rare...? As for Shutter Sisters, I look down sheepishly every time I even see it mentioned - even when no one is around, because I'm so sad I quit that project! :( But you are so *AWESOME* for doing such a *FAB* job and I am excited for you and the fall workshop!!! LOVING the 'get comfy' prompt - that lampshade pic is beautiful!

Cindy said...

char - love your pins and we loved the town.
jen - just in time for christmas! your pola will be so happy and me, too!
aimee - come in december when jen does and we'll tear up the town!
joyce - i know, the labor is $110 an hour! i want that job.
erika - you are absolutely right!
michelle - i'm not doing so great with the workshop, but i'll keep going.
mos - i love the library, but everyone had a laptop!
pj - yep and thank you. he feels much better. he's like our son.
elizabeth - it is so pretty. the pierpont morgan library is due to reopen soon and it looks amazing, too. charlie's doing much better.
julie - thanks and nice to see you again.
meg - i'm not doing that well with the 365 project. i'm kind of halfheartedly just snapping a picture to stay in. it's hard.

Megan Coyle said...

That's too bad about the mirror :( glad the person didn't leave you empty handed though!

Michelle Brunner said...

What a bummer to have your mirror broken! Love your comfy picture so much! The lamp is beautiful:)

Bella Sinclair said...

$400 for a mirror??? ARGHHHHHH. Ugh. So sorry. Yes, it IS interesting that the person had paper, envelope and large bill handy. Wonder if the culprit lives in the neighborhood....

I love that library. I would have such a hard time keeping my eyes on a book in there. I'd be off staring at the ceilings and walls.

And that's a gorgeous lampshade! You captured the light wonderfully!