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hello, hello! hydrangeas age really well. they might even look better as they get older. my birthday is next week and you know what i have scheduled on that very day at 8:45 am? a bone density test because osteoporosis runs in our family! it doesn't hurt, but i must have the worst timing, ever. scott will be home to take me so i had little choice and just hope he takes me to a flower shop afterwards :).

for some reason these hydrangeas got me thinking about what kind of flower i would be if i were a flower. it would have to be small, fragrant and not too showy. a little bit delicate and curious. i love sweet peas. they are quaint, bloom in the spring and remind me england, which i love. yes, i would be a pink sweet pea because pink is not as pale as white or as bold as red. how about you? rose, tulip, zinnia? enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps scott reminded me we were here this time last year. yeah, what's your point ;)?


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

oh girl, i do hope you get flowers and breakfast out of that deal!

i think i'd be freesia. small, but packs a punch :)
have a great weekend!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I would be a chrysanthemum because I love the big ones! or maybe a gardenia.

Happy early birthday :) I had a dentist appointment on my bday this year.. doctor appointments are lame in general! I know it's good for you but there is no fun in it.

Line said...

sweet flowers just like you Cindy!

Joyce said...

I have a feeling, flower shopping is already on the list. I hope your test results will be good. Enjoy your weekend my friend. xo

Julia said...

I loved Krissy's freesia comment :) I love the hydrangeas as well. We'll be thinking of you on your upcoming appointment! Good for you for checking everything out!

Love and hugs!

Jamie said...

I'd like to be a peony, full of color and life, but I'm probably more of a calla lilly, soft and quiet.

painted fish studio said...

can you believe my back yard was at one time full of hydrangeas? they were taking over and i chopped them all down. it took a year to dig out the roots.

if i was a flower... i'd probably be a sunflower, as i'm so dependent on the sun getting me through my day... following it as it the earth makes its rotation...

have a great weekend! yay for birthday week!

Cindy said...

i LOVE all your answers and they're giving me an idea! please keep 'em coming!

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Grace@PoeticHome said...

Hello dear Cindy, who indeed would be a perfectly pink sweet pea!

I hope your bone density test goes rock solid next week.

On a catch-up note, I'm very sorry to hear about Charlie's diagnosis, and I am confident in his zest for life and strength to fight it.

blue moss said...

ohhh...happy birthday!!
which day is it? daughter's b-day is tuesday (and scott's dad, and about 4 other people that i really is the most popular birthday)
i hope it's a wonderful day. don't you hate that we still have to have grown up responsibilities on our birthday's? last year my dad scheduled surgery on my i had birthday lunch in the musty cafeteria in the basement of the hospital. thankfully my dad was that's the important thing.

you could always just celebrate birthday week...
enjoy your special day :)

oh...gerber daisies are my favorites...and since they are tall, that's probably the flower i would be

Dawn said...

i think tulips are so beautiful, but when i'm feeling nostalgic i have to say pink cosmos are my favorite :)

Bella Sinclair said...

....flower shop and a world class pastry shop, too!

Hey, I grew a sweet pea from seed this summer. So nice to know I was growing YOU on my front patio! :)

Hmmm. I think I'd be Queen Anne's Lace. Delicate on the surface, but I'm really a weed.

Have a great weekend!

OOH! LOOK! My word veri is "horterm"

Elizabeth said...

I'm with you, I do love the sweet peas and their lovely little tendrils, and delicate colors. There are so many flowers that I love, so that is a tough choice.

Don't you hate when dumb things that you HAVE to do, falls on your birthday :( On my birthday this year, i had to get up really early to greet the exterminators for the furry little critters in our attic :( Not a fun way to start the day, but it was much better as the day went on, as I hope your day will be. I will be thinking about you on the 11Th is it? Anyway, Have a happy birthday dear blog friend.

erin said...

sweet peas. perfect. i think i'd be jasmine. just cause.

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meg said...

I hope you're going to tell us when it's your birthday so we can send you lots of love! xoxo

You know I have some very specific favorite flowers...... but if *I* were a flower I'm pretty sure I'd be a sunflower.