love blue, just not that much

[Beige sofa replaced by blue]

Earlier this year we purchased a blue sofa to replace the beige one we had for years. The beige linen was actually a slipcover over a brown velour sofa, which had been slipcovered many times. I love the blue and the simple lines of the new sofa, but it wasn't really working with the rest of the room as it's primarily in ivory with hits of color from patchwork of my own creation, vintage quilts and fabrics.

[Ivory slipcover]

So, we indulged my Libran tendencies and had it slipcovered in ivory with white piping. Scott insisted on the contrasting piping, and although it's hard to see in the pics, it looks good. The piping alone looks better as the sofa didn't originally have any, which is probably a good thing.

[Note 7/2: I just remembered that the side chairs we purchased years ago are blue under ivory slipcovers, too. I guess I'll never learn ;)!]

[Ivory slipcover + patchwork]

Now, I'm little bit compulsive when it comes to keeping my stuff clean, although I am not perfect. I made the patchwork cushion covers when we first got the sofa to replace the towels we usually use. They're a little bit bold, but I like the way they look on the ivory. And yes, our slipcover has a slipcover, but only on the seats, swear. It really is pushing the OCD limits, but it's ivory! And, we like to eat ice cream and occasionally drool while napping on the sofa.

[Patchwork pillows + striped backs]

I originally had big plans for these pillows to include quilting on the front and buttons on the back. But, I could never get to it and having even one WIP around is usually fatal. I get bored and never go back to it. I'm just glad I finished these!

xo, Cindy

Photo Credit : Cindy


Sew Bettie said...

Oh man! I could never pull off an ivory couch. I am way to messy - hence my chocolate brown couch.

/// said...

LOVE the slipcover, Cindy! :)

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

you are too funny! I like the patchwork seats!

Where do you find a quality slipcover? All the ones I've seen are not so fitting...

julie king said...

i really like the ivory slipcover and the pillows are just wonderful. the colors are a great compliment to the couch!

btw, i nominated you for an award on my blog!!

Cindy said...

sew bettie - i'm not sure we can either - time will tell ;)!
erin - thank you!
krissy - thank you! the slipcover was made by a friend of scott's father.
julie - thank you for the compliment and the award! so nice.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I'd be slipcovering the slipcovered slipcovers. Nothing is safe in our house. This looks fun!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute idea and I love the pillows. I really don't know why people get freaked out by light colored or white slip covers. I have them and things stay very clean,but then again, I'm like you about wanting to keep things clean. So you are a Libra huh? So am I (Oct.4th)

Cindy said...

michelle - the great thing about slipcovers is they can be washed!

elizabeth - i think there is a challenge with solid colors in general. prints seem to hide more. as a libra, i also seem to have difficulty making decisions and would make a terrible judge.

Livy said...

I just got a white couch and you can bet I'm going to be monitoring what stain-capable items get near it! Perhaps not the most practical color but boy do they look pretty.

P.S. Love the patchwork!

Cindy said...

i know livy! it seemed like once we got the blue couch, i was constantly seeing white and loving it!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I REALLY LOVE the patchwork ...!
I dont like the blue with it though..better off white. : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Cindy said...

thanks jen!

Anonymous said...

My goodness this is amazingly beautiful! Well done!!! It is wonderful seeing patchwork in such a prominent place.