scott says THANK YOU!

He: "Thank heaven!"

She: "For what? Little girls? [he he]"

He: "The new music recommendations everyone gave to YOU over the past few days."
She: "Why so animated pumpkin?" [You should see his face, so cute]
He: "You're
killing me with the music you've been listening to!"
She: "Coldplay?" [Too easy >-)]
He: "NO, don't be a wisenheimer."

She: "Avenged Sevenfold?"
He: "YES, YES, YES!"

She: "I know, it's kind of making me depressed - NOT! They have some really pretty songs - Dear God is a beauty. You know it's the calm and storm formula. You just have to open your mind my man. Or, listen to every other song ;)."
He: "You're going to blow your eardrums out!"

She: "No, the subway is doing that. [And, your yelling!] Are there any of the new suggestions that you like."

He: "Yes, I like Sondra Lerche, The Kings of Convenience, Jon McLaughlin and Sean Hayes."

She: "What about Little Big Town? They were Dixie Chicks-ish, but smoother."

He: "Yeah."
She: "I like all of them, plus Laura Marling from Erin. How about we start with the wonderful, folksy
Jon McLaughlin (thanks Annie)? He is really special."
He: "Now you're talkin'! It's all good! Thanks again everyone - you have NO idea what it's been like HERE!"

She: "And you call me a Drama Queen?"
He: "You better start running ..."
She: "Doh, but I'm just a GIRL!"

Photo Credit : Cindy of Scott


please sir said...

Haha - music touches everyone!

Jessie Cacciola said...

haha! woo, sean hayes, yeah!
as always, thank you guys for all the cuteness. xo

Mrs.French said...

so many links! I am going to have a musical afternoon! Thanks Cindy and Scott!

Jessie Cacciola said...

psst...update on the shades, hun -- they're available on etsy! sorry for further tempting you, just couldn't keep it to myself. ;)

/// said...

HA, I went to school with Jon McLaughlin--- he's a dear. :)

julie king said...

isn't new music fun? i want to check out jon mclaughlin!!

Cindy said...

i think you will like all of the music - it's really great!

jessie - scott was so pleased when he saw your "cuteness" comment, until he found out about the shades - hehe ;)!

erin - he's from indiana (and such a cutie), interesting. i bet he never thought he'd save a marriage ;)!