polaroid love : group 1/3

I've been admiring the Polaroid-love out there for a while. I tried to resist doing it myself since the film will no longer be produced. But, I was not strong enough, and, for once, I couldn't be happier about a weakness. As Tennyson said, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

borrowed a camera for me and I was originally going to take just 40 shots and then call it a day. I don't think so. These photos are like magic. Not only the way they develop before your eyes as we all know, but the romantic qualities they evoke. Mat Denney said it best in For The Love of Light - "It doesn't record reality with digital faithfulness, it's how you remember reality looking, saturated with the color and texture of memories."

These pics represent group 1 of 3 from a recent trip to our favorite beach town and I think it was a perfect place to capture on Polaroid. It's very special for us and now we have it immortalized in tangible photos unlike most of my digital work. I have a lot to learn, but it's a start.

Main Beach

Climbing Roses

Home Sweet Home Museum

Pink Hydrangeas


Main Beach

xo, Cindy


Couture Carrie said...

Oh how I love Polaroids! These are such beautiful and nostalgic photos!

please sir said...

Lovely photos you have captured - makes me sad they want to do away with this film!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

These are so great! The one with the flag is my favorite :) Love the Denney quote!

Cindy said...

couturecarrie - hi and thank you!

diana - me too :(.

krissy - he said it better than i could.

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...


They're amazing. What a wonderful keepsake reminder of your favorite beach spot. Enjoy!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I had a polaroid camera when I was a teenager,and I wish I had kept it. Well...maybe not,since they don't have the film anymore! My daughter really wanted one for her b-day this past March, and when I went to buy one they told me that they sold out and they were no longer making them anymore,but that they were coming out with some thing new??? Wonder if they are. Perhaps something even more fun!

Your pictures are real fun!:)

Fifi Flowers said...

great photos! when do they stop making the polaroid film? is it true?
thanks for visiting my site today... come back and visit!

Megan Coyle said...

wonderful, polaroids are so much fun

Cindy said...

thanks everyone! it's so weird because when we had a polaroid camera years ago we didn't appreciate it. now, it's so cool.

julie king said...

you are right that polaroid images are so nostalgic and immediately transport me back to an earlier time. i personally think the end of polaroid film is a marketing ploy and the film will be reintroduced with little delay. hope that doesn't make me a cynic!!

Mrs.French said...

not so much to learn deary...these are wonderful and are killing me at the same time. I want a polaroid so badly...this is not helping (that's a good thing!).

Dawn said...

oh gosh, there are so many things around you, beautiful things, for you to photograph. i am happy that you took these polaroids! take more! lots more, okay? don't be shy missy!

Iris said...

At my parents' house recently I came across a "forgotten" Polaroid camera that belonged to my great uncle (who was a fantastic photographer by the way). Our local Target still has several packs for sale at $16.99 for 10 (I think?) so I picked up one pack and am now thinking of having my mom send the camera out to me.
And here, I thought I was the only silly one to be bitten by the Polaroid bug so late in the game.
Seems we don't always appreciate some things until they're coming near their end.

Cindy said...

julie - that would be interesting!

mrs. french - thank you so much and welcome home!

dawn - hi there and thank you. your wish is my command.

knittingiris - DO IT! you'll be so happy, and yes you're right, but there's still time. thank you for the tip about target - must check that out.