is that what they look like?

[That hat, those legs - down the shore]

Psych! Yeah, when we were cute little kids!

[Nice pistol - in the country]

We're gathering props for our self-portraits, but in the meantime, please indulge us in a little trip down memory lane to get things started.

[It wasn't Halloween]

Although it would seem from this blog like
I am the rebel, you will see that it's pretty clear from these childhood photos who was sticking people up and making high speed getaways in sports cars.

[Channeling Steve McQueen]

While Scott was headed towards the dark side, I was at home
doing typical girl things or getting ready for school.

[Always had cute clothes thanks to Mom]

I still have the Barbie dolls in this photo stored in my brother's attic. The little girl next to me was Maria and was ok until she got that baby carriage. I got one first, but hers had a WINDOW!

[I love you Barbie! I'm on the right, wish I had the sweater.]

What's the story with Scott climbing into that hole? I think it warrants a multiple choice question. Was he digging a hole to:
  1. China?
  2. Escape from the law?
  3. Hide from his parents or brother?
  4. Use for compost?

[You want me to get in Grandpa?]

He says it was # 4, but I'm skeptical. I've never seen Martha Stewart do that and it looks dangerous! All I know is that the "Anna Wintour" in me needs a defibrillator from the style don'ts - brown pants, black socks, brown (scuffed) shoes. Dude, what is your family doing to you?! Guns, fast cars, and questionable style. You're lucky I saved you ;).

[Hey, let's scram!]

It wasn't a cake walk in my family either. This picture looks sweet. No? That's me and my brother who is 9 years older than me. I always followed him around, and boy did he love it - not! Around the time this photo was taken, he took me up to K-Mart on the handlebars of his bicycle, awww. At one point, we headed over to the magazines and he found one that he liked. As we were leaving the store, two guys dressed like Agent Smith in The Matrix stopped us at the door and told us to come to the office.

As you can imagine, I was scared and started to cry, a lot. They tried to give me lollypops, but that wasn't going to cut it as I'm sure I was going to be scarred for life from the incident. This is what they said to my Mom when they called her to come pick us up, "Mrs. B, please come down to K-Mart to pick up your son and daughter as he was caught trying to take a PLAYBOY magazine without paying for it." Oh man, couldn't it be Popular Mechanics? It was a long drive home in our uber-cute VW Beetle.

xo, Cindy

Photo Credit : Likely, our Dads


Anonymous said...

Wow, what great photos!!! I adore the one of you playing barbies with your friend. Is't it amazing how well we can recall small details from our past, like being envious of a stroller with a window???!

Elizabeth said...

That was super fun! I love looking at little kid pictures of people. Very fun idea and funny story about the Playboy magazine theft:)

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

aw! Great pics :) Thanks for sharing them. The Playboy story is hilarious!

please sir said...

Oh how cute - these are so great! Such a funny story too - made me smile :)

/// said...

Oh that's ADORABLE! :) You two are cuties.

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

I *LOVE* these photos awesome. My parents, too, had a VW bug when I was born. They sold it when I was about 3 and I cried my eyes out. Perhaps it explains my love of VWs to this day.

Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see the self portraits. : )

Cindy said...

thanks everyone - it's great to pull out these old photos and have a place to share them!

Anonymous said...

oh man, these are SO CUTE! my favorite is the one with the red tights... :)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Great photos and great stories to go with them!

Jessie Cacciola said...

adorable. xo

Cindy said...

thanks jess, melanie and jessie - i wish i still had the blue sweater.

Megan Coyle said...

these photos are wonderful, they make me think about my own childhood.

Cindy said...

which isn't that long ago dear megan ;)!