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Slim Aarons

In order to be fair, we have moved on to bands that include guys, although the lead singers are still girls - haha. I'm thinking about the book
A Wonderful Time: An Intimate Portrait of the Good Life, by Slim Aarons with these music picks. One thing I learned about his photography was that he never used a stylist or makeup artist - he only worked with the "beautiful" people so I guess they didn't need any, or had their own.

Note: Slim Aarons' daughter Mary stumbled upon our blog today and left the following comment on the 100th post entry -

"I am Slim Aarons' daughter...and true...he never did work with a stylist. He was his own stylist. The beautiful people he shot were "styled" by him. He'd move flower pots around, rearrange furniture, have women re-style their hair, choose different outfits than the ones they wanted to wear etc. He choreographed every single shot he took!"

That was cool and shows how differently many photographers work today with entire teams of specialists.

Now, on to the music. These bands have a very cool vibe reminiscent of Palm Springs or Monte Carlo in the 1970s and are great listens to extend the waning days of summer. I only write about music in my library, so please share bands you know who fit the bill.

I first heard the UK-band Beaumont from their cd for kate spade.
Laid back 1960's-style cocktail music. Uber-cool.

The New York trio called Ivy features Parisian-born singer Dominique Durand in combo with the chiming guitars and rich arrangements of Andy Chase and Adam Schlesinger.

Pink Martini
Portland, Oregon-based Pink Martini is a 12-piece orchestra that offers a language lesson in English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. I don't always know what they're singing about, but their robust beats more than make up for it and set the tone.

xo, Cindy

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Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

I love your music posts! A lot of these bands are new to me, so thanks for giving me new stuff to check out :)

please sir said...

I haven't heard of these before - I'll have to check them out - thanks! I love Kate Spade Cds!

Jessie Cacciola said...

some new mixes here -- yay! xo

/// said...

Oh I love it! :)

/// said...

HAHAH, you are hilarious. I wonder if I can turn my surfboard into a snowboard? Oh gosh--- I could get tarred and feathered for saying that out loud... ;)

Cindy said...


erin, that's probably blasphemy to some!

Julia said...

WHEEEE~ New bands! I'm so excited :) I'll put these on my Pandora station tomorrow morning while I'm at work :) Drum up the pokey vibe going on here!

Cindy said...

yay julia!

Fifi Flowers said...

I love Pink Martini! I've seen them a couple times... they were BEST when they did a free outdoor museum summer night performance... they what seemed like FOREVER!