thanks to the academy!

Recently, my wallflower self has been encouraged to get up on stage and accept a couple of awards for quaint. The
Arte de Pico award comes from the uber-creative Ellia of Greenbeanbaby Art. And then, Laura of the always interesting Quirkology and Monica of the beautiful M & Co awarded us with the Brilliante Weblog award. Thank you so much for the honors ladies as you all never fail to inspire us!

Monica's award involved some questions, so here we go with a rebel yell as I kind of re-interpret the rules. Scott is supposed to answer them on his own and it will be interesting to see if there is any overlap. Should be ;).

What are the last 3 things you purchased?
* Waves prints from Mav & Lena
* Damask Wooden Gocco Postcard from Krissy
* Patchwork Linen Tape from Rashida

What are the last three songs you downloaded?
* Bess Rogers - Decisions Based On Information, album
* The Kooks - Shine On, video
* Jon McLaughlin - Beating
My Heart - love this!

What were the last three places you visited?
* Brooklyn, The Bronx & Queens all in the same day
* East Hampton, NY
* Cape May, NJ

What are your three favorite movies?
This is hard as we love to watch movies, but these popped into my head right away.
* Bullitt
* Rear Window
* Finding Nemo, but Wall-e might replace the fish

What are your three favorite possessions?
* Wedding ring
* Vintage sterling silver & enamel collection
* Membership card to the New York Botanical Garden

What three things can you not live without (other than family and friends)?
* iPod
* Television
* Cosy bed

What would be your three wishes?
* World love
* Good health all around
* Perform on stage with a favorite band, or any band for that matter

What are three things you haven't done yet?
* Traveled to California (04.09?), Japan, Italy, Scandinavia
* Adopted a dog
* Picked winning lottery numbers, but
this one won't matter if I get my three wishes first

What are your three favorite dishes?
* Almost anything Scott makes for me, which is a lot
* Ice Cream
* My Mom's homemade
Spaghetti and Meatballs

What three celebrities do you want to hang out with most?
I'm a jaded New Yorker, so don't really give a hoot, but there are a few exceptions.
* Kelly Jones, Stereophonics
* Pia Jane Bijkerk (changed from Kate Spade after thinking about it on the subway this morning)
* Steve McQueen back in the 1960s

Name three things that freak you out?
* Being scared
* Dirt on me, I wouldn't last 15 minutes on Survivor
* Snakes

Name three unusual things you are good at
* I've never lost a sock doing laundry
* Figuring out things without the directions. Actually, I'm not sure I'm good at it, but just prefer to do it that way.
* I'm very observant and will notice a message/details that might go unnoticed.

What are three things you are currently coveting?
* Nikon SLR
* Beach House
* 20/20 vision

Name three bloggers you are tagging and giving a "Brilliante Weblog" award to and seven for the "Arte de Pico" award.
* Making these choices is too much pressure because
everyone who visits this blog is a Superstar.
I'm not sure people want to be tagged and I don't want to be annoying.
* So, if you haven't received these awards yet, consider yourself awarded by me. Yay!

Note: Jen B of the Polaroid-filled Scissors Paper Glue and lovely Michelle of Cicado Studios have taken the baton and accepted their
Arte de Pico and Brilliante Blog awards. Hurray!

xo, Cindy


Anonymous said...

I think it is really hard to make such important decisions too- like who to tag. I definitely understand! What is your secret to never losing a sock in the laundry. That is one really impressive talent!!!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Great answers! Thanks for the link love too... but what I really have to say is 20/20 vision?!? I am jealous of that :)

please sir said...

Great Q&A! I need to travel with you...I'm horrible at directions!

Julia said...

I read 'em all :) I loved getting to know you just a little bit more, Cindy :)

/// said...

Ha, I'd love to meet Pia, too!!! :)

Cindy said...

emily - i just make sure i spin the machine-thing around and check the edges. the funny thing is that scott taught me how to do laundry and he loses socks all the time. and, they're always my socks!!
krissy - it would be nice to see in the shower!
diana - come with me - i'll guide you.
julia - thanks!
erin - i'd go to her and would even get on a plane to do it!

Mrs.French said...

you definitely deserve the awards and the tag was magnificent...I like you even more now!

Megan Coyle said...

Congrats on the your awards and I liked reading over your q & a

Anonymous said...

My dryer eats my socks i am sure of it! I would love to meet pia! and your answers are super cool! :)

and your wedding ring answer is lovely!

Cindy said...

thanks traci, megan and nadia - it took me a long time to answer those questions!

jen v said...

oh i like this. can i consider myself tagged? :)

Cindy said...

yes indeed jen b - i'll change the post to make it official!

Joanna Goddard said...

rear window is sooo good! and i love how you are scared of being scared -- me, too.

and thank you SO much for adding smitten to your blog roll, i really really really appreciate it.

have a lovely afternoon,

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ok, first of all....where have I been? Under a rock? I have seen your equally lovely comments along side my own for awhile now but, how did I miss your blog?! It is so wonderful, you two are adorable and I love your answers here! Rear Window....Pia Jane....and beach house, Hurrah! I will be back and thank you for your incredibly sweet comment over on CC. :) You made my day!

Cindy said...

thank you joanna and melissa for visiting us and your thoughtful comments! yay!