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Hi Everyone -

{Note 6.29.09 : I should have gone with the art wires as we almost immediately outgrew this board. See new display here.}

We had an empty space above the sleigh bed in our second bedroom that I could only get to by standing on the bed, which is kind of a pain. The room is very small and we didn't want to make it worse by hanging a lot of framed art. Over time, we've accumulated a nice collection of prints/photos and wanted to display them. I love the wire and clothespins that I saw on Simply Photo and even thought of making a pulley-system like a clothesline, but it was going to be complicated.

Finally, I thought I could use a foam core board, which is very light and would be easy to get to. I wanted to cover it to make it nicer and had some fusible cotton fabric that I just ironed on. Sweet!

I would use the wonderful Japanese tape I purchased to attach the art (thank you simplesong).

Found some floral wire, made a loop and taped it to the back. Hammered a nail into the wall. Simple! I was so excited because the entire project took less than 30 minutes. I hung the board on the wall and after a while heard some noise. Half of the artwork fell off and some went behind the bed! Oh, MAN!

I realized the tape was not strong enough to adhere to the fabric and it would be best to use pushpins. Since they couldn't be just any pins, I found some clear versions at Kinokuniya that would go into the board, but not the artwork.

It's working very well and probably a better solution. The tape is low tack but did tear one of my letterpress cards and left some glue on one of my photos (NO!) when I pulled it off so beware. And, it was so easy ;). Now, what to do with that tape? Any ideas?

xo, Cindy
Jenifer Altman
Port2Port Press
Blissful Images
Abby Powell Thompson
Print + Pattern

Hope to add one of these


please sir said...

Ohh lovely idea and selection of prints you have! I wish the tape would have worked better for you. But the tacks still look good and don't destroy the prints. Hmm...the tape could be used to seal letters or write little notes on them around the house? Or make some kind of tape art!

Anonymous said...

love all the pillows as well!!
what a great collection of photographs!!

Julia said...

How delightful! There's so many beautiful pieces to this display. PLUS! Are those pink walls I see? HURRAY!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love your display :)

SimplyGrove said...

Looks so great Cindy!!!!

Helene said...

I love it Cindy! So bright and refreshing!

blue moss said...

love it...sorry the tape didn't hold. i bought some, too, and i love it, but did notice that it's not that strong. i am using it to tape up the eyelet and linen scraps that i am putting up behind my jewelry in my upcoming show.....and it looks so great!
oh....and i love your pink walls!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! It truly showcases the artwork. I really like your collage of artwork and photographs, which all flow together beautifully.

I didn't even know about that fabulous Japanese tape. Now I will dream about it and see what ideas I can come up with. A quilted pattern comes to mind..

Gel-Nails said...

The content you have provided is pretty interesting and useful and I will surely take note of the point you have made in the blog.

Michelle Brunner said...

Love this so much! The pictures are great and look amazing together! What a wonderful idea:)

kadler said...

That looks awesome! Let us know what you do with the tape :)

Anonymous said...

this is a lovely project, I might want to try it!!

Deniz said...

what a brilliant idea- and i see you got some of my favorite art prints :)
fabulous display for it
ps- could you give me your email?

Unknown said...

how clever and inventive! looks just beautiful. what a gorgeous palette you have created. and maybe try the kind of tape stamp collectors use to tack on the prints?

julie king said...

you should use the tape to make a collage of some sort. it would be fun! i love what you did with the prints and photos. it looks adorable!

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

Oh, Cindy...I love this!!! I need to do something like this in my hubby's office. The photos are currently posted haphazard on the wall. Too bad the colorful tape didn't work--such a great idea. Nonetheless, it looks great with the pins too. xo ~suzanne

simplesong said...

oh, i love how you used the tape! isn't it perfect?

hope you had a lovely weekend.

Smila ♥ said...

Wow! This is really pretty!

Cindy said...

i am not done with that tape and this project ;). i already have plans to expand it to either side with no fabric covering, so the tape will stick. i need more space for new art, anyway!

yasmine said...

oh neat project cindy!!!

hm. to be honest i wouldn't know what to do with that would be too pretty for me to use ;P

Anonymous said...

Love! Now THIS is a way for me to put my colored tape to use!! I also have 3 of the same prints and can't wait to get them up. I'm inspired!