fun : a few favorites

Hi Everyone -

Thanks so much for the nice words about our art board and the suggestions! As hard as I try to resist it, I'm really one for order and embrace the grid, which is reflected in the board. My Mom was the opposite and loved things that were asymmetrical. Over time, it might be nice to expand beyond the board to make the display a little bit spontaneous. I'm sure I'll show you ;).

Something else I worked on this week was my desk calendar (see in the picture above). I picked one
up from kate spade and made a book cover for it with a pocket. I used an 18"x18" sheet of Martha Stewart craft paper, but can imagine using the comics, wallpaper, graph paper, glassine, or anything you like. Maybe some Japanese tape? It was pretty easy and can be changed, anytime. The pocket is really handy and would be great for schoolbooks, too. I'd really like two pockets, but my paper hasn't been long enough for the extra folds, yet.

Hope you enjoy today's favorites. We'd like to do something fun this weekend to make up for the last one. Any suggestions? Have a great weekend!

xo, Cindy

Blog : Very Short List always has something very interesting like the flight of this paper plane from the 31st floor.

Music : Spy for Hire is an up-and-coming band from Atlanta with a fresh, appealing sound. Their first album, Speak In Numbers, is due to be released on February 27th.

Phone : Gelaskins liven up select phones, iPods, and laptops whether they be tired or just don't speak to the real you.

: A Person of Interest
by Susan Choi is the first novel I've been able to read in a long time. This beautifully-written and compelling story is about the suspicion that surrounds an Asian-American professor during the investigation of the death of a colleague following a Unabomber-style attack.

Stationery : The ringlet jotter from SusyJack* is perfect for me because it's small, looks neat, and if I mess up a page, I can remove it. So far, so good.


Anonymous said...

Cindy, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that you are enjoying what you ordered!

I always take a moment to wonder just who orders are going to when packages ship out...and every now and then, I have the sweet pleasure of finding out!

xx susy

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

The airplane thing is great! We did this not too long ago from the roof of our office. Your book sounds interesting. Have a fantastic weekend.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

ooo--of course love it all cindy, esp susy's ringlet jotter--she's a genius for rizzle. and your post below is heaven--i love hearing about how people get orgainized!

Deniz said...

i have been admiring those ring jotters for a while... they fab- time to get my own!
You got me thinking when you asked about weekend- would suggest you come here so we could meet for real and the weather is sooo nice here at the moment, sitting on my pool at moment after i had a refreshing swim- but we a bit far...maybe you should come for a wee bit longer?;)
but seriously- what does one do in the big apple? what would you suggest i would do if i come there tomorrow? and that got me thinking about my weekend- what will i do? ... well i am off to think of what would be fun, interessting and new! have a fab weekend- and let me know what you ended up doing ;)

aimee said...

you have a way of grouping things so beautifully. thanks for the book recommendation!

hmstrjam said...

hi cindy- i love the pink room and art and especially all the pillows! the grid doesn't have to be a bad thing- Mondrian rocked it out! maybe check out a good dvd this weekend and tuck in- have you seen Trans-Siberian yet? creepy good

Cindy said...

susy - great!
krissy - i want to do it, too!
deb, i love this phrase 'genius for rizzle'!
l'atelier - lets meet through mental-telepathy ;)!
aimee - thank you!
jamie - we haven't seen it, looks so intense - we'll check the video store for it. we also want to see the new movie called 'gomorrah' about the mafia. it's supposed to be quite bad ass.

Anonymous said...

You're so crafty, love the journal! I know something fun you guys could do....I am going to attempt to take wallpaper down, and I could use all the help I can get. That sounds fun, right?! ;) Have a great weekend!

Helene said...

Great list to check out this weekend!
Thank you for your comment on Design Sponge (blush!)

Megan Coyle said...

Oh, I like your favorites! I always look forward to these posts.

Cindy said...

candi - sure, wait for us ;)!
helen - you are welcome!
megan - yay!