love : poetry

Hi Everyone -

Thank you so much for the Quaint Tea love yesterday - it was quite a thrill, actually. As a special thank you, I thought I would share another poem from the charming Valentines book by renowned poet Ted Kooser as our special Valentine for you. Here goes -

In A Light Late-Winter Wind
In a light late-winter wind
the oak trees are scattering valentines
over the snow - dark red
like the deep-running, veinous blood
of the married, returning

again and again to the steady heart.

This leaf is yours, friend,

picked from the heart-shaped hoofprint
of a deer. She stood here

under the apple tree during the night,

kicking up sweetness, her great eyes

watching the sleeping house.

Isn't that beautiful? Listen to Ted recite this poem and read others over on npr. Pocket Poem is just wonderful. Have a lovely weekend! Do something special just for you.

xo, Cindy

PS I ordered a
World's Smallest Valentine from Leafcutter Designs for 'Scott' and can't wait to open it! I mean for him to open it ;). I really couldn't come up with a 120-word love letter, so I chose some of the lyrics from our wedding song - Just You and I. Hope he likes it!


carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

Lovely, lovely! Love your blog!
Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

so pretty cindy! a wonderful v-day poem...

Lizzy said...

So sweet

Michelle Brunner said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Wonderful poem:)

aimee said...

happy valentines day cindy! i am loving these images from your last few posts.

please sir said...

Such a lovely poem - the letter also sounds so cute! I hope you had a wonderful Vday weekend!