collect : limoges

Hi Everyone -

When I was working on the French-inspired post for Deb, I photographed some of the pieces from our small collection of Limoges china. The most special one is the top porcelain box given to me by Scott when we were married many years ago. I'm glad this week is just about over. Have a lovely evening!

xo, Cindy


Livy said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for the book recommendation, I just looked it up and the university library has a copy, so I'll be checking it out as a "reward" for myself post-final exam week. I can't wait to look at it!

Michelle Brunner said...

so delicate and pretty:)

Anonymous said...

these are so pretty- i'm not usually one for china, but these are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

this collection is amazing!!!

Have a great friday!

hmstrjam said...

beautiful! i loved your post on bon bon!

Fifi Flowers said...

Love Limoges... I have a few myself... mine are all Paris!
ENJOY your weekend!