fun : a few favorites

Blue Hyacinths represent sincerity

Hi Everyone -

There is no special photo today because I didn't have anything that was good enough. Pulling together an image of favorites can sometimes be a challenge because I just can't find a good shot. Last week's pic took so many arrangements to get the color in the THINK sign to look good I almost gave up. In addition, all of the items should kind of work together and eventually I'm going to run out.

I just want to mention that the foundation of these favorite posts has been to feature artists from whom we have been able to purchase something and others we admire. Although we would love to buy something from all of our quaint friends, we're just not able to for financial or spacial reasons as we saw earlier this week. This is a personal blog and we're trying to do our part to extend support mostly to the handmade community by highlighting some wonderful craftspeople even though they might not have found a place in our place, yet.

This week's choices are from some terrific artists and everything has a certain softness. Except for the music, we're not able to say we call any of them our own, but we can admire them from a far. Enjoy your weekend!

xo, Cindy

Art : Duane Keiser's paintings can get expensive when he sells them on eBay, but we can all watch him create one. The candy apple is low on calories and won't upset your dentist.

Blog : Super cute without makeup Jessica took our ugly post one step further and started a really interesting discussion yesterday about keeping it real online and beyond.

Craft : I am always tempted by the wonderful fabric wonders from Abigal Brown, especially her little matchbox tweeters.

Music : Kathleen Smith has the sweetest sound to her voice, but sometimes I hear a little bit of Nellie McKay, too. You Try is without a doubt one of the most moving songs I've ever heard. (via Design for Mankind)

Stationery : Felix Doolittle has been my idol when it comes to beautiful watercolor illustrations for years. I've tried to paint like him, but it's hopeless. These Personalized Calling Cards look so pretty.


Joyce said...

I wish I had an extra home or two just to display more art! Your photo is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

you are such a sweetie cindy...thank you for your never-ending support, in words or otherwise...i am off to click your links NOW!

Unknown said...

great mention re: jess and her blog post yesterday. too true. too, too true.

it's one of the reasons why i love kal barteski's lovelife blog - she's real and true and comes across as so totally genuine, it rocks.

thanks to both of you guys for bringing such a poignant perspective to light!

(great shot, too, by the way: love that bluey-purple. i love hyacinth.)

Dallas Shaw said...

Just left you this at my blog: "Yes, Just to clarify, these are only photographs for the blog. wondering where and how to take the photos for the website. Cindy- I need to take them from the side like you suggest to show how deep the canvases are. Any suggestions on location?" Thanks for the help!!

hmstrjam said...

cindy- your photography is always amazing! I love and always look forward to your posts for such great shots!
btw those blue hyacinths must smell amazing!

glam.spoon said...

thanks for supporting craftiness. :)

simplesong said...

Lovely photo + wonderful links .. thanks for sharing ... have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

thanks so much you guys ... it really means a lot :).
ms. wunderbug - i will check out the blog you mentioned.

aimee said...

great roundup - as always!

michele said...

What do you mean no special photo!?! I think that one is pretty darn nice.

Megan Coyle said...

I like your picks :) and I have to say that I definitely admire Duane Keiser's work as well as his marketing techniques--he's a marketing genius.

lotta said...

Love felix doolittle, and abigail brown, and the ugly post discussion. thanks for sharing.

please sir said...

I think what you are doing is wonderful and so great in supporting handmade. Keep up the great work - I'm sure every little effort helps.