pics : wave hill art

Rebecca Allan

Hi Everyone -

Thanks for visiting me over at Heart Handmade and your nice comments, yesterday! It really was neat. As mentioned, I wanted to show you some of the wonderful paintings currently on exhibit at Wave Hill's Glyndor Art Gallery. Here is a brief synopsis of the two shows and I would encourage you to visit some of the artists sites, too -
  • 'Arbores Venerabiles is Glyndor Gallery’s contribution to the 2009 Year of the Trees, honoring the majestic trees that anchor Wave Hill’s gardens.'
  • 'Knots and Conceits, artist Cece Cole used her fascination with horticulture, technology, weather, stellar skies and unexplained phenomena as a starting point to examine the landscape of Wave Hill.'
xo, Cindy

Amy Talluto

Joan Backes

Stas Orlovski

Joel Adas

Sandra Allen

Amy Talluto

Cece Cole (see much more of this cool exhibit on Cece's blog)


jane said...

Hi! Just found your blog, and I love it! Will be back often! Cheers!

please sir said...

Oh this art looks great - wish I could attend! Hey, can you spare some creative thoughts? :) Please see my post - thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Cece Cole topiary moon exhibit is gorgeous! It looks like such a gorgeous exhibit to see in person especially.

Michelle Brunner said...

Amazing pictures! Wish I could see these artworks in person!

Joyce said...

Simply WOW!!

Anonymous said...

amazing photos wow! what a great exhibit I wish I could come back to N-Y for Spring time, the art work is so gorgeous!!

hmstrjam said...

i like those topiary drawings-such great texture and mark-making above and beyond concept!

alissa said...

i love that piece by sandra allen! trees are so beautiful

rebecca allan said...

Dear Cindy and Scott,

I was very happy to see my work included on your blog. Please feel free to view more of my work at

Rebecca Allan

Cindy said...

Your paintings are fantastic, Rebecca.