blog : lemonade luv gets a+

Hi Everyone -

Recently, sweet Julia of Red Otter nominated us for the LUV Award, lovely Charlotte of We Blog Artists nominated us for the Lemonade Award, and wonderful Yasmine of A Print A Day gave us an A+. We are so grateful and glad we don't have to get all dressed up to accept the awards and then have people criticize our fashion choices like the Oscars ;).

The nicest part about receiving awards is to then pass them along to some favorite blogs. I tried to choose those we have not nominated or mentioned before, and if you're reading this, consider yourself nominated, too.
  1. An Open [Sketch]book
  2. Artsyville
  3. Bandelle
  4. Good-Ness
  5. Greenbeanbaby Art
  6. Inleaf
  7. (Into) the Fray
  8. Kelly Loves Whales
  9. L'Atelier
  10. Lyrical Journey
  11. Omami
  12. Poetic Home
  13. Pretty Good
  14. SimplyGrove
  15. Small Expectations
  16. Treasuring
Thanks to everyone for being a part or our lives and your constant inspiration.

xo, Cindy

[Note : Choosing a list like this is painful, but it's nice to return the favor. So, anyone who leaves a comment will be added. There, I feel better.]


greenbean art said...

awww how sweet!! you definitely deserve them!!!!! thanks for also being a swell bloggy friend and being an inspiration to us :D


Julia said...

*Smootches galore*

Unknown said...

you are SUCH an inspiration. congratulations, and awww thanks LUV!

Anonymous said...

Aw man. Thanks so much! I'm totally flattered!! (And well-deserved yourself, Miss!)

hmstrjam said...

thanks so much cindy! your blog is wonderful and deserves lots of blog love!

aimee said...

i'm familiar with just a handful of the fab blogs here - i can't wait to check out the others!

SimplyGrove said...

Thank you so much Cindy!!!! Always love your blog!

Deniz said...

Thank you so much! feel so honoured to be nominated by you! i love your blog
am off to check out the other nominees :D
have a nice day

Jamie said...

Congratulations on some much deserved recognition - and thanks for the list of great new blogs for us to check out.

s.i. michaels said...

You are too wonderful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your blog is so worthy of awards. I always find great inspiration from your ideas and photos when I visit.

Anonymous said...

Merci... how great!!!

Anonymous said...

big congrats! what fun to get so many awards. :) it's well-deserved!