dance, dance, DANCE!

She: "Oh, I LOVE the show So You Think You Can Dance! It's my favorite."
He: "I know you do - it starts tonight on Fox."

She: "I think the kids on the show are SO fantastic and they REALLY bust it, if you know what I mean?"

He: "I think I know
" [feel that way myself around here sometimes ;)].
She: "You know that I took dance classes three times a week when I was in college?"
He: "Yes, I think you mentioned that before
" [many times].
She: "I tried karate, but it wasn't for me."
He: "That's probably good for me - hahaha."
She: "Don't be so sure - dancers are very strong and limber. Watch me." [CRASH] "
He: "CUTIE - are you ok?" [saved by a hair - she almost took me out with that flying leap - phew!]
She: "I think so."
He: "Wow, you got some serious air with that, that - move. What is the word you're always using - fierce?

She: "Very funny. I'm a little out of practice. Please help me up."
He: "Sure."
She: "I'll just watch the show and imagine myself as a break dancer. Hey homey, got any Motrin?"

Photo Credit : Fox


Clare Carter said...

oh honey-I hear you, I do I do. The booty shakin that went on around here during the series,was a little freaky and a whole lot of fun. Best watched from the sofa munching on a peppermint crisp,while in track pants with your feet doing the 'moves'. : )Omigod-does that read as though the peppermint crisp is wearing the track pants????Now that would be something to watch......

Cindy said...

hi clare - i gotcha' - that would be something to see! i've completely changed my mind, though. i don't want to be a breakdancer anymore. i want to be a popper like the last guy on the show. he was, well, fierce!


julie king said...

as always, very clever post!! i am a huge SYTYCD fan as well. i watch dancing with the stars but i love SYTYCD!! and, yes the final guy, the popper, was unreal!!

Cindy said...

there's just something about the "kids" on the show that really resonates with me. they push them to the limit and it's all serious. but, when they finish the performance, they're so enthusiastic and endearing.

it just seems different than other competition shows. dancing is so hard and there's nowhere to hide if you mess up - it's all out there.