springtime in the hamptons

We love to go to the Hamptons a few times a year and went there this weekend to celebrate Scott's birthday. Here are some of our favorite sites -

East Hampton House Hotel
(they have a nice pool, but it was chilly)

Bench at Main Beach, East Hampton
(joe has it right)

Beach Houses, East Hampton
(ina garten often films segments for her cooking show
on this beach)

Beautifully manicured hedges abound
(sometimes they're so tall they seem like giants)

Home Sweet Home Museum, East Hampton
(believed to have been built in the 1720s)

Cherry Blossom Snowflakes
(not really conducive to snow angels)

Summer House
(just not large enough ;))

(the blue house was so pretty)

Museum, Sag Harbor
(love the red door, but wouldn't want to paint that fence)

Martha's House
(this kind of thing is probably why they have tall hedges + gates)

Windmill, East Hampton
(love these)

Antique Car
(awesome vintage cars)

James Perse Store, East Hampton

(we had to run reconnaissance to get this photo from the outside at night)

Sag Harbor
(our favorite town as it remains quaint)

Sage Street Antiques, Sag Harbor

(our favorite shop in the world - lots of trouble here)

This time, an amazing pink cabinet
(the catalyst for the trouble yesterday, more on that later)

Time to get steppin'
(oh no, the clothes look a like again)

Wish you were here!

Photo Credit : Scott was the scout and Cindy was the photographer


Anonymous said...

*sigh* Don't you just love the Hamptons? It's like a storybook land. Seems unreal that people actually LIVE there all the time. Looks like you had a lovely time. ^_^

Cindy said...

it's nice to go there off season, which is probably the case for most summertime destinations.

Joanna Goddard said...

how fun! love these photos.

Cindy said...

thank you for visiting joanna! it's so pretty out there, you can't go wrong.