battle of the bands

She: "We love music and it's hard to believe from our playlists that you are only 3 years older than me."
He: "Music, like fine wine, improves with age."
She: "Old music, like fine wine, puts me to sleep."
He: "Come on, you don't like Bruce or James?"
She: "They're ok, but I like new music better. You know, from people who don't have AARP cards?"
He: "Hey, don't mess with The Boss!
She: [I don't know who he's talking about as I'm "The Boss" in this house.]
He: "Your music is ok, but you play the same band over and over and over."
She: "I agree I have a problem as it gets to a point where
even I don't hear it anymore, like elevator music. So, then I switch to a new band."
He: "And the cycle continues. You should have been a dj."
She: "Yeah, but what would my name be - Spinderella is already taken as are Cinderella, Nutella?"
He: [Too bad about that last one.]
She: "Hmmm ... got it ... Tun-ella!"
He: [Reminds me of Tunafish, but I won't say anything.]

Photo Credit : Grrl DJs


/// said...


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

haha! mmm. Nutella.....

Cindy said...

i think i'll keep my day job :)!


julie king said...

i love,love,love the oldies BUT i'm so very grateful that i've worked with some really young folks over the last few years who have constantly introduced me to new bands that i would never have listened to otherwise. my 30-year-old son is also great for making sure i'm not stuck in the musical olden days.

Cindy said...

a combination of the old and the new is probably best to keep things interesting.