london calling!

He: "Time to get up - it's 6:45 am."
She: "What?"
He: "Don't you want to go to that
Telectroscope in Brooklyn today?"
She: "I did yesterday. Give me a few minutes."
[Get ready and arrive there by 9:00 am in order to beat the crowds.]
He: "That was very cool - they liked your "Heart UK" sign."
She: "I loved it - everyone was so excited, especially the kids. It was a beautiful spring day in NYC, but raining in London - no surprise there."
He: "I even took a picture of you for a change."
She: "Well done. Let's show the photos we have so folks can get a view."

Telectroscope from the back

Sideways + Brooklyn Bridge

Scaffolding in the background for the w
aterfall to come this summer

Looking In

See them in the circle that looks like the Moon?

She: "Tomorrow Henry Moore at the New York Botanical Garden followed by Darwin's Garden. Yep, we did it all in the same day - Brooklyn > Bronx . Plus, Sunday > Manhattan and Saturday > New Jersey."
He: "Nap time!"
She: "Happy Memorial Day!"

Note: For really gorgeous photos from the other side of the pond, check out PGWSmith's photostream.

Photo Credits : Cindy + Scott


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Great photos!!!!

Cindy said...

thanks krissy - i think i should have taken a little more time, but it was on to the next thing!