sew many choices

She: "Purl Patchwork is a store we both love, but for different reasons."
He: "I like how they remember us when we go there, or if I call to buy you a gift certificate."

She: "Me, too. It is the nicest shop in every way and so pretty."

He: "Plus, you can get a lot for about $10 - 4 quarter yards of 4 different fabrics."

She: "Very good. It's also special because I took my first quilting class there a few months after my Mom passed away. I was very sad, but made the happiest looking quilt. And, I finished it."

He: "She would have been proud of you."

She: "Yeah. We liked to make things and watch shows where people did the same. I miss that."

Photo Credit :
I Heart Linen


Mrs.French said...

the quilt is so springy...Purl Soho is my favorite online fabric shop, I am so jealous you get to go there. day.

Cindy said...

if it's any consolation, the shop is small, so they have a lot more fabric available online. but,i'm sure it will be here when you get to ny one day.