vintage rules

She: "When we started dating you + your family were collectors and thought I should collect something, too."
He: "You started with hat pins, which led to pins, linens, china, etc. The list never ends."

She: "Well, my goal when we got married many moons ago was to furnish our apartment with everything vintage."

He: "We didn't realize at the time that we were being eco-friendly."

She: "True. It's taken a long time to create a cozy, shabby chic/beach house-style. But, there's a problem."

He: "What?"

She: "I really love (cringe) mid-century modern, now."

He: "Great, just as I'm getting used to all of this white and flowers, you want to change it!"

She: "It's your fault!"

He: "How so?"

She: "You got me started as a collector."

He: "Sure, blame the victim."

Photo Credit : Cindy.
Note: That trapped white space to the right of the image is killing me! I haven't been able to size it so it lines up with the right side of the text - ugh!


/// said...

HAHAHAH i like this one. :)

Cindy said...

in order to make that change anytime soon, we're going to have to actually buy a beach house and move all of our current stuff to it ;).

i just came home with a new shabby chic duvet cover (50% off) and an awesome pink cabinet. it's just a habit i'm not able to break - better than smoking, i guess?


Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

I've always said I need two homes so that I indulge in two different styles of decor. It's just too hard to start from scratch and switch everything out (in my opinion). I can so relate to your dilemma. :)

Mrs.French said...

Sounds all too familiar.

julie king said...

a friend once told me that it only takes 3 of anything to qualify as a collection. what a shock it was to learn that i was a collector of a ton of different things. smile! it is a woman's perogative to change her mind and a man's to resist being changed!

Cindy said...

yes, indeed!