She: "Ready to go?"
He: "Oh. My. God. You have
a lot of fabric."
She: "No, it's not
that bad."
He: "You have
a lot of fabric."
She: "Why do you keep saying that with the crazy look in your eyes?"

He: "I'm stunned, because you're always saying you need to go to the fabric store - like today."

She: [Drat! He's totally right. I knew I shouldn't have laid it all out when he was home, but I had to color coordinate everything, now. Damn OCD.]

She: "Looking at it, you're so right! I'm a mess!" [sniffle, sniffle]

He: "Don't get upset, it's not
that bad."
She: "Oh, I'm so greedy to have it all and I'm such a slow sewer." [I really
don't know how I accumulated so much. It was stored in this cart, which is small!]
He: "You seem to have a lot of green."

She: "And not enough red. Plus,
Denyse Schmidt and Amy Butler have new collections, and Heather Bailey has one on the way."
He: [Good grief, I've seen this before.] Well, can you restrain yourself?”

She: "I’ll try."

He: "Still want to go to the
fabric store?"
She: "Oh ok, if you insist ;}. There’s a new Denyse Schmidt pattern that I’d like to get so I can use up some of my fabric. It’s called “
Single Girl.”
He: “Interesting name – keep it in mind when we’re in the store. Know what I’m saying?”

She: “Yes, dear.”

Photo Credit : Cindy under severe time constraints


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

HAHAHA! what a lovely collection you have there, and so organized too :)

Anonymous said...

That made me laugh out loud! How funny, I recall having that very conversation with my hubby. Your not alone, so don't feel bad. ^_^ Nice collection!

/// said...


Cindy said...

thanks ladies - glad i'm not alone, but that "excuse" never works. i feel like i'm 10 years old again when i say "you should see the other girls!"


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

{I tagged you}

Cindy said...

oh, thanks krissy! i guess technically i'm IT.


julie king said...

i laughed out loud at this! i can sooooo relate. i try to keep my hubbie out of my art room as much as possible so he can't see the latest acquisitions from hobby lobby. it's not just the fabric; it's the paper, the rubber stamps, the ink pads, the wire, the beads, the canvasses. some day there may have to be an intervention. smile!

Cindy said...

i know what you mean, but i won't participate in any intervention if called upon for you julie! and, i have the same problem with multiple project types. there are worse vices we could have!


Unknown said...

Hahaha. This post is great!

Cindy said...

thanks livy! scott is actually very, very patient. i always seem to be getting into something new and he goes along with me with no (very few) complaints.