darwin's in the garden

He: "We hit the jackpot when we visited the New York Botanical Garden on Monday!"
She: "We always do when we go there. Membership was the best present you ever gave to me."
He: "They also had an exhibit in the Conservatory inspired by Charles Darwin."
She: "Yes, it is wonderful. In fact, the entire garden seems to be inspired by men - Charles and Henry."
He: "That's right, guys rule!"
She: "Good grief - here are the photos that Cindy took. Enjoy!"
He: "Sure, always stealing my thunder!"
She: "Oh hush ;)."


Darwin's Home




Alliums in the Garden

Vegetable Garden


Photo Credit : Cindy


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ThePeachTree said...

I've only ever been to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. These images are absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! I also love your use of the phrase "Good grief"!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

haha! I love your posts. Gorgeous photos! The annuals are my favorite :)

Cindy said...

as always, thank you so much erin + krissy!

and, thank you to the peach tree! we've been to the brooklyn botanical garden and it is gorgeous! the nybg is really becoming the disneyland of botanical garden's - good grief, there is so much eye candy ;). it's worth a trip to go all the way from brooklyn to the bronx - hahaha.


Dawn said...

i want that garden in my backyard!

Cindy said...

me too dawn,plus a gardener to keep it maintained ;)!

please sir said...

Lovely photos - wish I could be there right now!

Cindy said...

thanks diana - so do we as we're both stuck inside at work, but it's friday - yay!

julie king said...

this is exactly the kind of thing that i love doing on a lazy saturday or sunday!! we are trying to figure out somewhere to go locally today as it is gorgeous and will be in the 80's!!! beautiful photos! thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

my pleasure julie! hope you had a lovely day.