henry's in the garden

Oval With Points 1968-70

He: "Ok, it's only 9:30 am on Memorial Day and we're in Brooklyn. Do you want to go to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx?"
She: [YAY!] "Sure, it's up to you as you've been driving all weekend."
He: "Might as well, it's a beautiful day and so early. Nothing is open, yet."
She: "Do you know how to get there from here?"
He: "Duh - of course I do!"
She: [Gets him every time - hehehe] "Ok, lets book. We'll take some photos of the Henry Moore exhibit, plus some spring flowers."

Goslar Warrior 1973-4

Pink Peonies

Hill Arches 1973

Two Piece Reclining Figure: Points 1969

Poppy - awesome color

Large Reclining Figure 1984

Upright Motives 1955-56

Note: At this point it seemed as though we had been walking for days and Cindy "lost" her jacket. So, we continued to walk for days, but luckily found it thanks to a very nice lady.

More Pink Peonies

Reclining Mother and Child 1975-76

Reclining Figure : Arch Leg 1969-70

Shrub rose - so fragrant

Me and My Shadow

Photo Credit : Cindy, hope I labeled everything correctly


Mrs.French said...

A productive and fun holiday...I want to come out your way so badly...this post is contributing to this desire.

Cindy said...

thanks erin!

mrs. french - i've never been west of oklahama and want to to do something about it. maybe we can house/apt swap ;)!

please sir said...

Great photos - I love shadown photographs!

Cindy said...

thanks diana - i looked down and there it was.