holiday weekend!

[Jen Tauritz Gotch]
It's the Memorial Day weekend and this photo from Jen of My Polaroid Blog is very apropos! Jen has the most wonderful photos and her work from a recent trip to Paris is transporting.

In addition to family stuff, we hope to either check out the Henry Moore sculptures at the
New York Botanical Garden. We had a sneak peek last weekend, but Cindy's camera decided not to cooperate - ugh!

Or, the ultra-cool
Telectroscope in Brooklyn, which allows visitors in NY to see Londoners in real time.

Have a safe + happy weekend!

xo, Cindy + Scott


/// said...

Great photo! :)

Cindy said...

if it's jen's it's got to be good.

Paul Pincus said...

love the image!

great post : )

Cindy said...

jen is a wonderful photographer so she gets the credit. thanks for visiting, your blog is wonderful.

Mrs.French said...

you two have a lovely weekend!