inspiration from across the pond

I'd like to take a brief interlude from our usual Post A Day in May and share some recent inspiration for a collection of fabric flowers called "Mrs. Forrester". It came to me on Sunday night while I was watching the charming Cranford series on PBS. Cranford was written by Elizabeth Gaskell and takes place in a rural English town on the brink of change in 1840. It has it's share of heartbreak, but often takes a lighter note with some very funny escapades.

These are a few of the things that really struck me from the period costumes -
  • Ruffles in eyelet and lace
  • Dresses in muted tones and small prints
  • Pretty hats

With those things in mind, I made a lavender sachet with the following -
  • Two types of eyelet ribbon
  • Liberty of London fabric
  • Fabric called New England Quilts
  • Linen
  • Lavender
The name is taken from one of the most delightful characters in the show - Mrs. Forrester. She is so cute and reminds me of a special family friend. This "collection" might be a limited edition of one, because that center ruffle took me a really long time and was eye-to-eye with the trash at one point - ugh!

Note: Scott is having a special birthday this weekend so we're going to be away and computer-free. Have a good one!
Photo Credit : Cindy


julie king said...

what an adorable little sachet. lavendar is one of my favorite scents. my lavendar plant died a couple of years ago. i've been planning to plant a new one and now you've inspired me. i enjoyed reading your blog, particularly the h/she ones. lol

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

I think it's lovely! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Cindy said...

thanks ladies! lavender is a lovely plant, but not always hardy depending on your zone. i think the leaves are as pretty as the flowers.