she's been tagged!

Cindy has been tagged by the wonderful Krissy from Paper Schmaper, so technically she’s it. Thanks Krissy, I’ve always wanted to be an “It Girl", now my dream has finally come true! The game of tag going around blogland involves answering 5 questions. And away we go...

What was I doing 10 years ago

  • I was married to Scott.
  • Living in the same place I do now.
  • Working as the Marketing/Web Manager for a Management Consulting firm.
  • Studying graphic/web design at Parsons.

What are 5 things on my to-do list for today

  • Register the trees we adopted this weekend as part of the Million Trees NYC program. We have a small garden in the Sunnyside Gardens Park, which is one of only two private parks in NYC, the other being Grammercy Park.
  • Work on setting up an Etsy shop - I’m struggling to get this done as there is so much to do.
  • Do some laundry, which usually involves some ironing, too.
  • Get out and take a good walk – I tend to be a homebody.
  • Watch American Idol – I’m channeling the gods and predict David will win :).
Snacks I enjoy
  • Anything from Cheeks Bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Popcorn + M&Ms/Skittles – love the kids pack at the movies
  • Ice Cream
  • Pokey biscuits from Japan
  • Green Tea Lattes

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

  • Move to Grammercy Park and have a summerhouse in the Hamptons
  • Give $$ to our family
  • Travel – we’re terrible about doing this and use living in NYC as our excuse
  • Set-up a charitable foundation for kids

Places I have lived before

Only two places

  • Northern NJ - snore.
  • New York City - yay!

6 people I want to know more about

Most of these ladies are new to me -

Thanks Krissy - that was fun!

Photo Credit : 7.23.08 changed to Pia's 'cause it's perfect


julie king said...

keep plugging away at setting up your etsy shop. it is a bit daunting at first but once you get rolling and checking off all the items to be done , it will be worth it!

Cindy said...

thanks for the encouragement julie! i liked your post today where you spoke about creating for it's own sake and how much more your enjoy it when it's not about making a sale.

Anonymous said...

I'm game! :) Thanks for tag!
Great reading a bit about you!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Thanks for playing along! It's so nice to learn about the fellow bloggers I visit daily :) And yes, once the Etsy shop is up, it's so worth it. Every time I get an email from Etsy with an order, I just up and down a little!

Cindy said...

jolly good show amanda!

Cindy said...

thanks for tagging me krissy and for the encouragement. i usually only procrastinate when i'm not quite ready to move forward, but then all of a sudden, "bam" i start moving like there's no tomorrow :).

Anonymous said...

thanks cindy! i will try to play but i've been super slack with these things lately as i've got a few deadlines looming, but i'll try my best - and i'll be back to read more of your blog in the coming days, it's cool to learn all those neat things about you! i love this game too px

Cindy said...

sounds great to me pia! i really love knowing about favorite snacks for some reason.

/// said...

Yayyyy--- I loved hearing about your life, Cindy! :)

Mrs.French said...

Wonderful tag! I am absolutely terrible about getting these things done!

Cindy said...

hi mrs. french - i have to admit that it took me a little while to answer the questions and i didn't do all the things on my to do list, as usual.

Marichelle said...

I finally got around to it... it was actually fun (specially the billionaire question!) Thanks again for the tag!

Cindy said...

yay marichelle! i'm going to check it out now.