take her away

She: "Oh man. Except for the laundry and ironing I did, I've been so useless the last few days."
He: "How come?"
She: "I don't know, I've lost my mojo. And, I've been obsessive about writing this blog for you, me and Erin (hahaha)! Plus, I've been spending a lot of time reading other people's blogs. It's addictive."
He: "Didn't you get that whatchamacallit to help sort that stuff out?"
She: "Google Reader. Yes, it helps, but it's kind of like the blog mafia. Once you think you're current, there's another updated blog in the folder."
He: "As long as you're not spending too many $$."
She: "Well, one leads to the other."
He: "Uh oh. Slowly put the mouse down and step away from the computer."
She: "You didn't read me my rights."
He: "Ok, you asked for it: you have the right to remain silent [yes!],
She: "What about my phone call?"
He: "Ok."
She: "Gotta quarter? I'm tapped out."
He: "
Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law [mine, yes again!]."
Photo Credit : Handcuffs.Org, yep it's for real, and no, we won't say why
we know about it


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