best for last

He: "Well, this is the last one for the Post A Day In May and we saved the best for last."
She: "Of course, we love each other." [Awww]
He: "Best friends." [Double Awww]
She: "We didn't actually finish our Things We Love list, so we'll keep it going in June."
He: "
But, not every day. I don't know who's happier about that - us or them?
She: "I don't know, I'm pretty happy! Although we missed some of the weekends and didn't stick with the format, it was a heck of a way to start a blog. Plus, I was almost denied computer privileges because I was online too much."
He: "You're still on thin ice and it's not because of this blog, but the other "surfing" you've been doing. [gives stink eye] We also want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who has left a comment, or
just stopped by our neck of the woods."
She: "Really. It means so much to us to have some visitors. When we started this adventure we said we were doing it just for us as an online journal, but that didn't last too long. Thank you very much Google Analytics
[gives stink eye]!"
He: "We better go out and do something so you can have more material - hahaha."
She: "Word! Have a great weekend!"

Photo Credit : Gadgetshop


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Hooray for Google Analytics!!! You guys are so cute. Happy weekend.

/// said...

HA! :)

Elizabeth said...

I love your format on this blog. Very fun read. I love Cindy's music list!! I've seen U2, Cold play,and Travis live! There are many more on your list that I love too! I'll be checking back.;)

Cindy said...

thank you krissy + erin!!

hi elizabeth - thank for stopping by, of your three we've only seen U2 and it was very cool.

scott almost ran over chris martin in the hamptons though. well could of. mr. martin was running down the street in his wet suit with a surf board and went right past our car. whenever we hear/see coldplay i remind scott.