mr. cool

We are joining in with Allsorts for a Post A Day In May by coming up with things we both love from Steve McQueen to Pickles. So, here goes -

He: "First up is Steve McQueen."
She: "He was so handsome and macho - hubba hubba."
He: "Calm down. He was an American original and totally authentic."
She: "Whenever we watch him, we feel cool. Except for the Magnificent Seven when he wore a neck scarf. That was distracting."
He: "Bullitt is my favorite - vrooom, vrooom."
She: "There's a blooper in that car chase scene through San Francisco you know?"
He: "Who cares, it's awesome when those bad guys blow up and the Mustang is so cool."
She: "Agreed. Cars don't sound like that anymore."
Photo Credit : First SM Site


Rachel said...

I love him in Papillon.

Cindy said...

he was really great in that movie!