a post a day in may?

She: "Hey, Jenny who writes the wonderful
Allsorts blog has started a Post A Day In May to rev up her creative mojo. Remember, I was complaining about that very thing the other day?"
He: "Do I? What do we have to do?"

She: "Each day we create a new posting."

He: "Hmmm ... that sounds hard.
Assuming we're amusing at all, I don't know about every day. Can you do it since you're the blogmeister and creative genius?"
She: "Aww shucks - you're so nice to me. I think so. I have an idea for what we can do and have the first one started."

He: "Ok, I'm in - watcha got?"

Photo Credit : Allsorts


Mrs.French said...

Oh yay! Can't see what you come up with!

Cindy said...

we've got our list and are checking it twice. hope we can keep up, that's a lot of posts!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

hooray! i will be checking in often.

it's hard to come up with new posts sometimes :)

Cindy said...

so far, so good! but, it's great to have a few scheduled. i love being able to do that.